Community Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Community Swimming Pool ResurfacingIt’s time to resurface your pool if it’s becoming rough to the touch, has staining, chipping, flaking, or showing signs of wear and it’s hard to manage your water chemical balance. As plaster ages and becomes more porous, pool chemicals migrate to the steel rebar used as structural support for the pool, which often causes rust spots to appear and algae blooms become almost impossible to get rid of. In short, your pool becomes a maintenance nightmare instead of an enjoyable asset.

Pools need replastering more often today because plaster materials have changed. In the past plaster mixes included asbestos fibers to improve the initial application and strength. Community Swimming Pool ResurfacingPlaster of this type could look decent for up to 20 years before having to resurface.

The new traditional plaster is composed of white cement mixed with limestone or marble sand. A new plaster surface will give you 5 to 8 years of good service, depending on chemical maintenance and is usually the least expensive resurfacing option.

There are other types of replastering materials such as quartz and pebble but they are more commonly used in residential pool resurfacing.

Community Swimming Pool Tile Replacement

Community Swimming Pool Tile ReplacementOver the years, pool tiles, just like the surface and other parts of your pool exposed to sunlight, will begin to suffer fading and damage. Giving your pool a tile face lift will do much more than just improve its appearance. Cracking tile can crumble and fall off, causing a risk to swimmers as they walk along the bottom of your pool.
If you’re living on a tight budget – we understand! We offer 2 levels of tile, one regular solid color tile and an upgraded more modern looking tile.
Please do not hesitate to explain your budget to us. We happily work with people in every budget category. If this is the case, we can assess the damaged tiles you are seeing in your pool. Sometimes, if your pool isn’t extremely old and doesn’t have a ton of damage, we can make repairs to the tiles that are cracked or that have water spots.

In some cases, we can replace only the tiles that are badly damaged, but this depends on the style of tile you currently have. If we can match it, we can repair tiles that can be salvaged and replace any that are damaged too badly to be saved.
If you have an older tiled pool, you’re probably also seeing some grout erosion between your tiles along with cracked and fading tiles. If you catch the grout erosion early enough, we may be able to simply re-grout your tile. However, if your grout has been eroding for several seasons, you are likely to have had water soak in behind your tiles. This means that you will need a complete tile replacement.
Community Swimming Pool Tile Replacement
If possible, we recommend that our clients time their tile replacement to coincide with the replastering of the pool surface. The reason for this recommendation is because it is more cost effective and you only have to drain the pool one time.
Whether your pool is experiencing the very beginnings of tile damage or if your pool is decades old and needs a completely new set of tiles, Aqua Clean Pools will work with you to make the necessary repairs so that your community’s outdoor area is looking good and is safe for everyone. Give us a call if you would like us to perform a tile work assessment for you.

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