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Pumps and Motors

Filter Systems


Chlorine and Salt Systems


Pumproom Leaks

Timers and Valves

We are proud to be a full service maintenance company that can also handle repairs. Our fully trained professionals provide outstanding pool repair to HOA pools.

Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair, Replacement or Conversion

Eventually, all mechanical systems are subject to failure from time to time. This includes the pump, filter system, and any other components of your pool.


We will always attempt to fix your existing equipment first if possible.
As a last resort we will recommend what replacement is required.

Pumps & Motors

The pump is the heart of the swimming pool and as such needs to be in perfect working condition. We treat pump problems as a high priority repair and in most cases we have a technician at your place within 24 hours of your call.


Changing a pool light bulb. This is not as easy as it sounds. The pool light fixture is completely under water and the housing the bulb goes in must be water tight or the new bulb will fail also. 
While we are there why not switch to LED?

Filtration Systems

We fix a variety of filter problems including: cracked housings, old cartridges, stripped on handles, changing sand, and leaking o-rings. We always repair what we can, but in some cases the entire filtration unit needs replacing.

Chlorine Systems

We can repair existing chlorinators, from leaking o-rings and burst tubing to broken valves. We can also install new chlorinators in instances of cracked housing or as a new installation.

Saltwater Systems

Salt Systems are very reliable and once installed require little care, however the cell does need to be cleaned every now and then and may need to be replaced after 3-10 years depending on what setting it is in.

Timers and Valves

Timers and valves are used to control when your pool equipment turns on and off and how the water flows throught the system.
We can repair or replace if necessary the parts to make your system work properly.

We can even help you upgrade to an electronic timers and valves and fully automate your system.

Need More Intense Repairs?

In addition, we take care of major repair and upgrade needs, including:


  • Safety covers
  • Resurfacing
  • Waterline tile replacement

At Aqua Clean Pools, it is our goal to provide the absolute best reliable swimming pool
repair service at a reasonable price.