In Pool Saltwater Systems there are No RED EYES and No GREEN HAIR !!!

What are Pool Saltwater systems?

A salt-water purification system provides on-site production of the sanitizer necessary to maintain water in a safe, healthy and algae-free condition.
Sanitizer is produced automatically, within the water itself, and involves no handling, storage or adding of chemicals to the water.
A Salt System, properly sized for its application, will eliminate the need to add sanitizing chemicals such as – ‘pool chlorine’, algaecides and ‘shock’ chemicals.

• Environmentally friendly pool water sanitizing system – uses only natural salt
• Efficient & economical system – low power consumption
• Produces sparkling clear, safe pool water – no odors or irritation to eyes and skin
• Low maintenance, convenient, automated unit
• User-friendly controls – simple to set and operate
• Easy to read indicators
• No handling or storing of chlorine
• 1-7 year warranty (depending on brand)

How does it work?
When salt is dissolved into water and the water is then subjected to a simple process of electrolysis, a very effective water sanitizer is produced.
In fresh-water applications, such as swimming pools, spa pools, therapy pools (and many more – see ‘Where a Salt System can be used’, below), salt is added to the water to produce a very mild saline solution, approximately 1/3rd the salinity of human tears (or approx 1/12th as salty as ocean water). The salt used is common, every-day salt, or sodium chloride – the same pure salt found in sea water .
The dissolved salt is not consumed in a Salt System process so after the initial start-up salt is added, only top-off salt is required periodically.
The sanitizer produced by the Salt System can be measured using the same common Test Kits used for testing chlorine levels in pools, and the chlorine residual (or FAC, Free and Available Chlorine level) can be maintained at required levels by simple adjustment of the Salt System Output, or production rate (thereby satisfying health authority by-laws).

Its Healthier. A Commercial Saltwater System will maintain perfectly healthy water, while eliminating the risks and problems associated with periods of very high or low chemical levels. FAC (Free and Available Chlorine) can be maintained at levels to comply with local Health Authority requirements.

It Helps prevent algae growth. The constant ‘shocking’ of the water as it passes through the Salt System ‘cell’ together with consistently maintained sanitizer levels in the main water body will prevent the growth of all common algae.

Its Environmentally and Ecologically Positive. The Saltwater System eliminates the need to manufacture, transport and store ‘pool-chlorine’ type chemicals and instead uses only pure natural salt from the ocean – and then re-cycles that salt indefinitely. Re-cycling a natural product – what a concept!

Comfortable swimming environment. Users of swimming pools and spa pools enjoy the natural therapeutic and health benefits of the mild salt water – with none of the obnoxious effects usually suffered with manually-chlorinated water. Swimmers who suffer so-called ‘chlorine allergies’ will find relief from those symptoms in a saltwater pool. Other advantages for swimmers include NO RED EYES, NO IRRITATED SKIN, NO DAMAGED HAIR OR BATHING SUITS.

Can I get my pool changed over to a Saltwater System?
Yes. Just call us at Aqua Clean Pools. We will come out and evaluate your present system then we can advise you on what you need. Its usually a very simple process.